Environment: (We take from the environment what we need but we give back what it needs)

Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

The protection of the Chalkidiki region’s environment is one of the highest priorities of Grecian Magnesite as it undertakes its mining activities.

From the Company’s mining activities there are impacts on the surface which need to be anticipated, minimized and managed. Grecian Magnesite is committed to being as environmentally conscious as possible.

Major considerations are:

  • Air and noise pollution
  • The impact of mining on land values, vegetation and wildlife
  • Rehabilitation of land to its natural state when mining ends

While adhering to Government requirements is a given and goes well beyond compliance, Grecian Magnesite takes its commitment to environmentally sound mining practices even further, by setting up such facilities as:

  • A recycling unit at the pre benefication facililty which recovers onsite water and reduces by 90% the site’s fresh water consumption requirements.
  • A biological effluent treatment unit for the municipal wastes of the company’s employee’s community.
  • Use of biomass-fuel in our rotary kilns
  • Numerous dedusting units in various locations of the production process
  • Use of impulse filters with fully automatic on-line cleaning of all filter bags with compressed air pulses
  • Development of energy savings actions plans

Grecian Magnesite has long been committed to environmentally sound mining practices, focusing on maintaining the natural environment as close as possible to its pre-mining state and meeting the expectation of the community.

The company  follows thoroughly  the strict governmental guidelines and requirements relating to environmental protection and  rehabilitation and is proud that it works closely with stakeholders to ensure minimal disruptions and a high level of satisfaction to residents,  public and employees who could be affected by the works.

Only during the last decade the company has invested more than €6 million on environmental protection and rehabilitation works.