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The safety of employees, contractors and the community, in which Grecian Magnesite operates, is an integral part of our business. Safety risks are managed across all sites through HSE Management Standards.

Health and safety are basic values to which all Grecian Magnesite’s people are committed. The company reinforces expected behaviors every day, and is dedicated to the systematic management of risk to achieve zero harm. Safety program initiatives organized by our department for safety and health at work, include:

• Recruiting people with a high safety profile.
• An employee instruction booklet which includes the basic guidelines for safety in the workplace.
• Daily reinforcement and personal commitment
• Before starting work, the hazards and risks are assessed via a "task analysis" to reduce harm to people, the environment and equipment.
• Continuous identification of critical risks and measures for improvement.
• Supporting our people through our health program and medical services (on site infirmary)

These initiatives have been developed to create a positive attitude to safety awareness and continuously improve the safety performance. As a result, the Company has achieved very high safety performance ratios.