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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

In 1991 a major investment project was completed that included the transfer of part of the rural road Yerakini-Polygyros so that a significant magnesite deposit could be exploited.

In 1991, GRECIAN MAGNESITE S.A. started the collaboration with the French Lafarge Refractaires Monolithiques and formed a joint venture for the production of refractory masses. The plant first operated towards the late 1992, while it was later (1995) fully purchased and absorbed by GRECIAN MAGNESITE S.A.
Apart from the direct production investments, particular attention has been paid to the quality of products and research.

As regards quality, statistic production control (SPC) is strictly followed for most of our products. At the same time, an ELOT-certified system, in compliance with ISO 9001, was installed intending at quality safeguard.

Because GRECIAN MAGNESITE S.A. pays particular attention to research and development, in the early 1993 the company introduced a sophisticated Research Centre at Vassilika, Thessaloniki, covering an area of 500 m², fully equipped and staffed with expert scientists.

In 1993 Grecian Magnesite established a fully owned subsidiary company in Turkey with the name Akdeniz Mineral Kaynaklari A.S.

In 1994 GM adapted its production process to the new characteristics of the mined deposit. A new crushing installation resulted in improved magnesite liberation increasing the total yield. 

In 2000 Grecian Magnesite acquired a 40% stake of the Spanish magnesia producer Magnesitas Navarras S.A.