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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

Magnesite (MgCO3 - magnesium carbonate) from the Yerakini mine is cryptocrystalline. The material is open-pit mined and transported by own trucks (dumpers) to the processing installations. Based on its physical and chemical characteristics, the RoM material is classified in various "types". Each type is usually associated with a certain area of the pit.

Mining at a glance:


  • Cryptocrystalline magnesite (MgCO3)
  • White color (“lefkolithos”= white stone)
  • “Stockwerk type” of orebody – thin veins of magnesite within the host rock
  • Waste rock is mainly serpentine and dunite
  • Main characteristics of Yerakini magnesite :
    • White color
    • Low iron content
    • Very low levels of heavy metals


  • Typical open pit mining
  • 8 benches of max15m height each
  • Mining department operations :
    • Exploration drilling Overburden removal
    • Drilling, explosives loading, blasting
    • Loading and transportation of run-of-mine material
    • Land restoration
  • Mobile screening unit - Οn site screening of the fine old stockpiles :
    • Loading and transportation of +4mm material
    • Land restoration