Project: "Environmental applications of magnesia and utilization of generated by-products"

Our R&D Department has successfully participated in the national & EU -funded research program:"Environmental applications of magnesia and utilization of generated by-products".

The project is concerned with the environmental applications of magnesia (stabilization of solid wastes, removal of salts of phosphorous and ammonia and flue gas desulfurization), which is the basic product of GRECIAN MAGNESITE S.A., as well as the utilization of the magnesia/magnesium sulphate dust by-product, which is produced in the dedusting facilities of our calcination unit.

The main purpose of the project was the development of know-how, which enables GRECIAN MAGNESITE S.A. to:

a) offer integrated environmental solutions in waste treatment strengthening its sales for environmental applications and

b) utilize commercially an important by-product with concomitant commercial and environmental benefits.

The project has been executed solely by GRECIAN MAGNESITE S.A. and the Laboratoty of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Department of Chemistry, AUT, which has been used as a subcontractor for part of the studies.

Project Code: 1084-BET-2013

Project abbreviation: PERIMAGN

Total project budget: 247.000 € 

Duration: 18 months

Total man months: 41