Stabilization of Cr in fly ash using magnesia

Our R&D Department has participated in the ''International Conference on Industrial Waste & Wastewater Treatment & Valorisation 2015'', presenting experimental results about the stabilization of Cr in fly ash using magnesia.

Lignite thermal power plants are the main source for electricity generation in Greece resulting in large amounts of fly ash (FA), reaching about 12 million tonnes per year. The reuse of fly ash is rather limited and a relatively small amount is used in cement or in other construction materials. Characterization of the FA leachates showed high amounts of hexavalent chromium which exceeded the acceptable level for disposal in non-hazardous waste landfills according to EU Decision 2003/33/EC. In this study, the stabilization of Cr (VI) in FA was examined by the addition of magnesia (MgO). FA was mixed with MgO in different ratios and the stabilized mixtures were subjected to the standard leaching test EN 12457-2 after 7 and 42 days, in order to check long term stability of the stabilized mixtures. Mixing FA with MgO resulted in a stabilized waste accepted for disposal in landfills for non-hazardous wastes with the addition of only 5% MgO. MgO might be used as an alternative amendment material for Cr stabilization, presenting additional benefits, such as the reduced purchasing cost.

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This research has been co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund - ESF) and Greek national funds through the Program "PAVET" – Project: Environmental applications of magnesia and utilization of produced by-products.