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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

For several years, Grecian Magnesite has consistently implemented a strategy of profitable and sustainable growth. The strategy is a roadmap for industry shaper performance and long-term value-creation. Grecian Magnesite has consistently expressed its opinion of the need for further consolidation in the Magnesia industry, and its readiness to participate in such a development through acquisitions and joint ventures. 

Our Global vision is to expand our presence in high-growth markets and participate in consolidations in mature markets. For all growth categories, scale, synergy and timing are important factors together with strict financial discipline.

Grecian Magnesite’s goal to sustain its business depends, in part, on its ability to grow and develop new mining opportunities. Our engineers are responsible for finding, creating and developing new mines, as well as identifying innovative ways to extract additional value within existing operations and projects. This team delivers reserves and businesses that are integrated into our operations.

Our objective is to identify and pursue quality projects to replenish our reserves and sustain our business. This is achieved by identifying internal and external opportunities, which we evaluate and act upon in partnership with our Corporate Development department. 

Grecian Magnesite typically has several projects at various stages of development at any given time. We evaluate the viability of each project and we complete the necessary work and analysis before approving and advancing to the next stage of development