Industrial floors

Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

Magnesia based industrial floors are heavy duty floors based upon Sorel cement. Sorel cement is a hydraulic cement mixture of magnesium oxide (calcined magnesia) and magnesium chloride which is usually combined with filler materials such as sand, aggregates, talcum and pigments.

Magnesia based industrial floors have been initially used in residential and industrial constructions. It is worth mentioning that the floors of the first wagons of the Paris Metro were laid with Sorel cement, thanks to their resistance in shocks and continual vibration. Another specialized application is in shipbuilding for the interior decks of war and merchant vessels.

Today Magnesia based industrial floors constitute an economical solution for a wide range of industrial sectors such as automotive, aircraft, armament and aerospace, electrical and mechanical, printing, electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics, clothing textile, general warehouses and furniture.

Panorama of Magnesia based industrial floors - properties

The functional point of view

• They have excellent adhesion and they can be quickly laid on any substrate, new or old
• They are self leveling
• Their thickness can be from less than 5mm to over 5cm
• They acquire high early strength
• They are uniform in their mass and joint less
• They do not need wet curing
• They require low maintenance and are quickly and simply repaired.

The performance / specifications points of view

• They are highly resistant to shocks, can receive heavy weight and are practically unwearable, because of their high compression and flexion strength as well as abrasion resistance
• They are resistant to fuels, solvents, grease, non acidic oils and paints
• They have excellent electrical and low thermal conductivity
• They are incombustible and fire resistant

The ecological and comfort point of view

• They are non toxic, inorganic, dust free and odorless
• They have good acoustical properties
• Their surface is smooth, warm and non-slippery
• They present insecticide properties and they discourage bacteria and fungi growth
• They are available in a wide variety of colors

Precautions and Limitations 

The major limitation of Magnesia based industrial floor comes from its non-resistance to prolonged contact with water. Consequently it cannot be installed in exterior constructions and also in areas, which need repeated water flow cleaning.