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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

A principal industrial application of MOS cement - magnesium oxysulphate cement - (addition of caustic calcined magnesia to magnesium sulfate solutions) is in the manufacture of lightweight insulating panels or building boards.
The basic technology consists of impregnating wood shavings with MOS cement in a mixer. The mixture is then molded, pressed in order to give the desired density of the panel. Then it is desiccated and cured either at ambient conditions or at high temperature in ovens. Lastly the surface is finished before the panel is ready for delivery.
All these stages are of major importance for the quality of the end product.

Magnesia cement panels can be applied, horizontally, vertically and to ceilings and therefore can be used for floor, wall/frame and roof insulation.

Thanks to their multifunctional and ecological properties, magnesia cement panels are used in every type of civil construction, including the residential, public, professional and industrial sectors. Houses, schools, gymnasiums, theaters, offices and a number of industrial constructions are a few examples.

It is worth mentioning some special applications of particular interest.

• Permanent mould for concrete structures
• Cheap building board for light and anti seismic constructions
• Fire protection of metallic structures

The main characteristics of these building boards are:

• Light weight and dimensional stability
• Thermal insulation
• Acoustical insulation and sound absorption
• Mechanical strength compression and flexion
• Fire resistance
• Ecological

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