refractory raw materials

Grecian Magnesite offers a big variety of deadburned magnesia grades for the production of refractories with diverse chemical purities (ranging from 85% up to 97%) and bulk densities. All products are characterized by their forsteritic composition, SiO2/CaO ratio which is greater than 2 and their very high hydration resistance, making them especially suitable for refractory applications.

Also high purity caustic calcined magnesia is used in both the sintering or electrofusion process for the production of alumina-magnesia spinels used in basic refractories and special castables.  In addition high purity CCM is used as feedstock for the production of premium grade refractory fused magnesia.

To this end, Grecian Magnesite S.A. and IMERYS Fused Minerals Hull, have jointly developed a premium refractory electro-fused magnesia product, sold under the “PyrMag” brand name.

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