Basic Monolithic Refractories

Grecian Magnesite’s Basic Monolithic Refractories plant - Business Unit - is located approximately 5km from the company’s mines and works in Yerakini. The proximity of the modern, automated plant to the source guarantees undisrupted supply of raw materials at competitive cost and consistent quality. In addition, the easy access to the ports of loading and the availability of road and rail networks, enabling to serve the world markets, results in highly cost-effective products.

The annual capacity of the plant, depending on product mix, can exceed 50.000 tons of basic refractory monolithics. The plant uses the latest available technology and is equipped with a modern computerized process control to ensure reliability at all stages of production.

It is the belief of the management of Grecian Magnesite that the cost-effectiveness of basic unshaped refractories in comparison with shaped products will result in technical innovations that will increase their use in existing and new applications.
Working towards this direction, Grecian Magnesite’s research center works in close collaboration with the refractory plant to fully satisfy customer requirements with high performance, ever-improved and cost effective products. Modern techniques such as microscopy, X-R diffraction, Hg-porossimetry and other testing equipment are used to evaluate raw materials and investigate the properties of new products.

We are well aware of the important role that Basic Monolithic Refractories represent in the Iron & Steel Industry. Our products with better refractoriness and bigger outputs, as well as our technical support and application know-how, result in the creation of added value for our global customers.

Grecian Magnesite’s DBM grades used as the raw material for the production of refractory mixes, due to the forsteritic CaO/SiO2 ratio originating from the Yerakini deposit, exhibit high bulk densities with low porosity and high hydration resistance, essential requirements for refractory masses. Furthermore, our wide range of dead burned magnesia qualities and the easy access to high quality olivine deposits, gives us the possibility to produce a great variety of basic monolithic refractory products, covering applications such as gunning, dry ramming, dry fettling, tundish coating mixes and EBT fillers, mainly for the Iron & Steel Industry.

Our product range includes the following main brands:

GRECMAGN TUN series of products are magnesia based tundish coating mixes applied on the working lining of tundishes by spray... view more

GRECMAGN GUN series of products are magnesia based gunning mixes for hot repairs of BOF, EAF, Converters and Ladles,... view more

GRECMAGN RAM series of products are magnesia based dry mixes for the initial lining and repairs of the bottom (hearth) of the... view more

GRECMAGN FRIT series of products are magnesia based dry fettling oiled mixes for hot repairs of hearths and lower banks of EAF... view more

GRECMAGN TAP product is olivine based high refractory mix, used as filler in the Eccentric Bottom Tap hole... view more

GRECMAGN MORTAR M 90 is magnesia based mortar for use in the industrial furnaces suitable for Magnesia or Magnesia – Chrome... view more