88 C/SK

Magnesium oxide (caustic calcined magnesia) for sorel cement floors
MgO (Magnesium Oxide) sorel cement floor
Caustic calcined magnesia (CCM) sorel cement floor

88 C/SK is a caustic calcined magnesia product with controlled reactivity produced from natural MgCO3 sources and calcined in shaft kilns. Its unique properties such as whiteness, microcrystallinity, high MgO availability and controlled reactivity (capability to produce mortars with adjustable setting properties) makes it suitable for magnesium oxychloride (i.e. industrial floors, grinding wheels and polishing stones) and magnesium oxysulphate cement (i.e. panels) applications. Available in two standard versions of different reactivity, in granular or ground form. LOI, reactivity and particle size can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.

MgO Content (Loss free): Min. 89%

PACKAGING: Available:

- in bulk (only for granular material) 
- in 25 or 50kg polyethylene-lined, multiwalled bags, stretch wrapped on pallets 
- in big bags with plastic liner with or without bottom spout on pallets (optional)

STORAGE: Store in a dry place. Exposure to moisture may cause caking.

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