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Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium oxide

GM’s DBM grades, due to the forsteritic CaO/SiO2 ratio originating from the magnesite deposit, exhibit high bulk densities with low porosity and high hydration resistance, essential requirements for refractory masses, welding fluxes and other applications. Moreover, the very low iron content and the well-controlled physical properties and microstructure give our products a leading position in applications such as heating elements and leather tanning.

Characteristics of available DBM grades from Grecian Magnesite’s Greek operations (ranges of typical values)

Our product range includes the following main brands:

Sinter B is a dead-burned MgO grade of specific chemical composition having as its main characteristics a particular SiO2... view more

TANMA is the trade name of the tanning magnesia grade with a leading position in the market. This product was developed in... view more

MagCast A is a white powder of hard-burnt magnesium oxide processed from natural magnesite specially selected from a unique... view more

B/C Powder is a white, finely milled powder (95% -100μm) of hard-burned magnesium oxide processed from natural... view more

Sinter C is a dead-burned Magnesia product of specific chemical composition having as main characteristics its particular SiO... view more

Sinter D is a relatively high MgO deadburned magnesium oxide product processed from natural micro crystal line Magnesite... view more

SM-LL is a modified version of SM88 with a low lime content (1,60% max). It is mainly used for the production of refractory... view more

SM90 corresponds to a special grade of dead-burned magnesia with high iron content. It is mainly used in welding-fluxes... view more

SM88 material is a medium MgO dead-burned magnesia product. Its main characteristics are the forsteritic composition, SiO... view more

A series of cost-effective sintered magnesia (DBM) grades with main characteristics their forsteritic composition, SiO2... view more

SM96 is a high purity dead-burned (sintered) magnesia powder processed from microcrystalline magnesite, mainly developed for... view more

GM 1/2 S is a high purity dead-burned (sintered) magnesia product processed from high purity microcrystalline magnesite,... view more