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High quality fused magnesia
high quality reafractory grade fused magnesia
extra purity fused magnesia for use in refractory bricks


With a Joint Venture in place Grecian Magnesite S.A produce an electrical grade under license from Imerys Fused Minerals Hull Ltd.
The CB grade is produced in Greece using raw materials from the mine and a special additive package supplied by Imerys.
This successful venture has now been working well for over 10 years. Material is still tested and approved by Imerys prior to sale.
All goods sold are invoiced by Imerys, not Grecian Magnesite.

For further information please contact us or Imerys direct on ifm-hu@imerys.com


In addition, Grecian Magnesite S.A. & Imerys Fused Minerals Hull have jointly developed a premium refractory electro-fused magnesia product, sold under the “PyrMag” brand name.

PyrMag is a high purity product (typical MgO 98,4%) with low levels of impurities, in all size fractions, exhibiting enhanced physical properties such as exceptionally high bulk density (3,54 g/cm3), and a large mean Periclase crystal size of 1300 microns.

PyrMag’s superior refractory properties makes it perfectly suitable for the production of high quality shaped or unshaped refractory products for use in the steelmaking, cement and nonferrous metals industries (e.g. MgO-C bricks, special castables, etc.); including other high temperature applications requiring high performance, low iron, refractory raw materials.

PyrMag is manufactured in electric arc furnaces in IMERYS facility in the UK, using as raw material, high purity cryptocrystalline caustic calcined magnesia from Grecian Magnesite’s Turkish affiliate, Akdeniz Mineral Kaynaklari AS (AMK).

PyrMag is available in granular, sized and powder forms i.e. 0-50mm, 3,15 – 5mm, 1,40-3,15mm, 0,45-1,40mm, -0,45mm


MgO Content: Typ. 98,4%

PACKAGING: Available:

- in bulk (only for granular material) 
- in 25kg polyethylene-lined, multiwalled bags, stretch wrapped on pallets (only for powder material)

- in big bags with plastic liner with or without bottom spout on pallets (optional)

STORAGE: Store in a dry place. Exposure to moisture may cause caking.

For TDS / MSDS or more information regarding our product, please call 0030 210 7240446-7 or e-mail us at info@grecianmagnesite.com or go to our inquiry form