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Magnesium carbonate raw magnesite
Magnesium carbonate raw magnesite
Magnesium carbonate raw magnesite MgCO3

GRECIAN MAGNESITE’s natural magnesium carbonate products (also called crude or raw Magnesite) are of cryptocrystalline form exhibiting extremely low amounts of Fe and Mn dissolved in their structure and are white in color. Furthermore, due to their cryptocrystalline form, our magnesium carbonate products are more porous with very small sized crystals of a few microns leading to products with higher specific surface area (SSA) and reactivity.

 The main advantages of cryptocrystalline Magnesite versus Macrocrystalline Magnesite (more than 80% of global natural MgO production comes from Macrocrystalline Magnesite deposits i.e. China, Russia, N. Korea, Spain, Austria, Brazil) are the higher achievable MgO activity, the controlled microstructure, the higher mechanical strength and the higher beneficiation efficiency in terms of Ca, Fe impurities (mainly present as mechanical admixtures and not dissolved in the magnesite structure).

 By far the major quantity of Grecian Magnesite’s magnesium carbonate production is used for the production of caustic calcined & deadburned magnesia products through calcination.

 Our magnesium carbonate products are sold in the market mainly as a source of MgO and Mg pasture improvements and as a fertilizer, raw material for glass and ceramics and for Mg-chemicals production.

Characteristics of available Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3)
grades from Grecian Magnesite’s Greek & Turkish operations (ranges of typical values)

 Our product range includes the following main brands:

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