Community Engagement

Grecian Magnesite understands and appreciates the vital role the local community plays in the sustainability of our company. The company has been mining magnesite in the region for more than half a century, and we consider ourselves proud members of the local community.

Grecian Magnesite aims to ensure that our business practices contribute to long-term economic and social development. We act as a responsible and supportive member of the local society, and help create value for the society, develop the local industry and community by using local employees, local service providers and contractors.

We have a strong history of supporting community initiatives in the region where we operate through social events, funding, donations of land, infrastructure and services, in-kind professional support and even just lending a hand where needed.

Social Dialogue │Basic Indicators (Year) 2018 2019
Number of open events 2 3
Number of schools / universities visits 5 7
Number of trainees (university students) 10 10
Total Spending on Locally Based Contractors and Suppliers (€) 5.027.000 3.722.000
Funding - Donations (€) to the local community (infrastructure, support to local associations, sponsorship/scholarship Education Investment, etc.) 186.713 200.913
Funding - Donations (€) to the wider society (infrastructure, sponsorships, scholarships, awards, etc.) 99.761 77.495

We are particularly interested in partnering with organizations & institutions that empower people with the skills, tools and information to improve their standards of living.

Community Engagement